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Marvel Legends Original X-Men 03/22/14
Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Series 01/02/14
Marvel Legends Mandroid Series 12/22/13
Marvel Legends Puck Series 10/22/13
Marvel Legends Age Of Ultron 09/03/13
Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Series 08/06/13
Marvel Legends Thunderbolts 07/17/13
Marvel Legends Hit Monkey Series 02/18/13
Marvel Legends Iron Monger Series 02/08/13
Marvel Legends Epic Heroes 12/05/12
Marvel Select Ultron 09/25/12
Marvel Movies Amazing Spider-Man 09/08/12
Marvel Legends X-Force Gift Set 07/12/12
Marvel Movies Avengers 05/19/12
Marvel Legends Arnim Zola Series 02/20/12
Marvel Legends Terrax Series 01/27/12
Marvel Movies Thor 10/04/11
Marvel Movies Captain America 10/04/11
Marvel Universe 09/08/11
Marvel Select Thor 09/06/11
Marvel Legends SDCC 2011 07/21/11
Marvel Master Works Sentinel 07/21/11
Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles Series 2 04/14/11
Marvel Select Juggernaut 01/26/11
Marvel Select Abomination 11/17/10
Marvel Master Works Galactus 11/06/10
Marvel Legends Twin Packs Series 3 11/04/10
Marvel Movies Iron Man II 05/07/10
Marvel Movies Iron Man II Concept Series 05/07/10
Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles Series 1 09/09/09
Marvel Legends Twin Packs Series 2 08/10/09
Marvel Legends Nemesis Series 07/01/09
Marvel Select Anti-Venom 03/18/09
Marvel Movies Iron Man Series 5 02/28/09
Icons Series 8 02/21/09
Spider-Man Classics Series 4 02/06/09
Marvel Movies Iron Man Series 4 12/27/08
Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Sunfire 10/07/08
Marvel Legends Ares Series 10/02/08
Marvel Movies Iron Man Series 3 09/18/08
Marvel Legends Red Hulk Series 09/11/08
Spider-Man Classics Series 3 09/03/08
Marvel Legends Savage Land Gift Set 07/24/08
Marvel Legends Twin Packs Series 1 07/20/08
Marvel Legends Fin Fang Foom Series 07/11/08
Marvel Movies Iron Man Series 2 05/30/08
Marvel Legends Movie Hulk 05/27/08
Marvel Movies Iron Man Series 1 05/02/08
Marvel Movies Iron Man Concept Series 05/02/08
Marvel Movies Iron Man Concept Series 05/02/08
Marvel Select Iron Man 05/01/08
Marvel Select Hulk 03/01/08
Icons Series 7 02/06/08
Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine 02/05/08
Marvel Select Thor 01/01/08
Marvel Legends Queen Brood Series 11/07/07
Marvel Legends Black Queen 10/21/07
Icons Silver Surfer Exclusive 10/19/07
Marvel Legends Sandman Series 10/12/07
Marvel Legends Cannonball & Domino Twin Pack 10/11/07
Marvel Legends Cable & Marvel Girl Twin Pack 10/11/07
Marvel Legends Ronan Series 10/05/07
Icons Series 6 09/17/07
Marvel Legends She-Hulk 07/30/07
Marvel Legends Stan Lee 07/30/07
Marvel Legends Silver Surfer 05/01/07
Icons Series 5 04/28/07
Marvel Legends Blob Series 04/06/07
Marvel Legends Diamond Emma Frost 04/02/07
Marvel Legends 25th Anniversary Wolverine 03/16/07
Marvel Select Brood / Skrull 03/01/07
Marvel Movies Ghost Rider 02/16/07
Marvel Select Ghost Rider 02/01/07
Icons Series 4 01/10/07
Marvel Select Mephisto 01/01/07
Marvel Legends Annihilus Series 12/29/06
Spider-Man Origins Series 1 12/27/06
X-Men X-Jet 12/05/06
Icons Series 3 11/28/06
Marvel Legends House Of M Gift Set 11/21/06
Marvel Legends Face Off Series 2 11/20/06
Marvel Legends MODOK Series 10/19/06
Icons Series 2 09/04/06
Spider-Man Series 19 09/01/06
Spider-Man Series 15 09/01/06
Marvel Legends Mojo Series 08/30/06
Icons Series 1 07/19/06
Fantastic Four Classics Series 2 07/18/06
Spider-Man Series 18 06/01/06
Marvel Legends Giant Man Series 05/20/06
Marvel Legends Young Avengers Gift Pack 05/10/06
Marvel Legends Face Off Series 1 05/10/06
Marvel Legends Onslaught Series 05/10/06
Marvel Legends Monsters Gift Pack 05/10/06
X-Men X3 Series 3 03/01/06
Spider-Man Series 17 03/01/06
X-Men X3 Series 2 02/01/06
Fantastic Four Classics Series 1 01/13/06
Marvel Select Spider-Woman 01/01/06
X-Men X3 Series 1 12/30/05
Marvel Legends Apocalypse Series 12/16/05
Marvel Select Uatu The Watcher 12/01/05
Spider-Man Series 12 12/01/05
Spider-Man Series 16 11/27/05
Marvel Legends Legendary Riders Series 09/20/05
Marvel Legends Sentinel Series 09/01/05
Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs The Fearsome Foes Gift Set 09/01/05
Marvel Movies Fantastic Four 07/08/05
Marvel Select Thanos 07/01/05
Spider-Man Series 14 06/22/05
Spider-Man Series 13 05/13/05
Marvel Select She-Hulk 05/01/05
Marvel Select Emma Frost 04/01/05
Marvel Legends Galactus Series 02/01/05
Marvel Legends Series 8 12/20/04
Marvel Legends Series 7 12/01/04
Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Exclusive Gift Pack 12/01/04
Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Box Gift Set 11/01/04
Spider-Man Series 10 10/01/04
Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six Gift Pack 09/01/04
Marvel Legends Series 6 09/01/04
Marvel Movies Spider-Man 2 06/30/04
Marvel Select Ultimate Thor 06/01/04
Hulk Classics Series 2 05/01/04
Spider-Man Series 9 04/01/04
Hulk Classics Series 1 03/15/04
X-Men Classics 03/15/04
Spider-Man Series 11 02/01/04
Spider-Man Series 8 02/01/04
Marvel Legends Series 5 11/01/03
Spider-Man Series 7 10/01/03
Marvel Legends Urban Legends Gift Pack 09/01/03
Marvel Legends X-Men Legends 09/01/03
Spider-Man Series 5 08/01/03
Spider-Man Series 6 07/25/03
Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk 07/01/03
Spider-Man Series 4 07/01/03
Marvel Movies Hulk 06/20/03
Marvel Legends Series 4 06/01/03
Marvel Movies X2: X-Men United 05/02/03
Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man 05/01/03
Spider-Man Series 3 03/01/03
Marvel Select Black Cat 02/01/03
Marvel Select Black Widow II 12/01/02
Marvel Legends Series 3 12/01/02
Spider-Man Series 2 12/01/02
Marvel Legends Series 2 09/01/02
Marvel Select Ultimate WWII Captain America 09/01/02
Spider-Man Series 1 08/01/02
Marvel Select Elektra 05/09/02
Marvel Movies Spider-Man 05/03/02
Marvel Legends Series 1 05/01/02
Spider-Man Classics Series 2 08/01/01
Spider-Man Classics Series 1 01/01/01


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